What is a niche in blogging?

What is a niche in blogging?

You’re reading this because you are looking for a niche in blogging.

If that is the case, then I have some good news!

There’s one right here- baby blogs. Yes, there really are people who just blog about their children and share photos of them growing up with other parents online too so they can “feel” like someone out there understands what it feels to be going through those changes as well or maybe even feel less alone when things go wrong (or sometimes not).

A niche in blogging is a specific type of content that an individual blog specializes in. Choose the niche aka topic that you’re interested in. For example, if your blog’s about books and literature then the “book” category would be your niche!

A niche can be the perfect opportunity to become an expert on something, which could lead to more success and followers for your blog or business.

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