iHerb provides three different shipping options for shoppers in Malaysia. We can choose from SKYNET, GDEX, and DHL to ship our purchase. The great news is that iHerb offers FREE SHIPPING on orders valued at RM170 and above, exclusively for GDEX and Skynet delivery services in Malaysia. You can choose GDEX or Skynet based on your experience and location. I think the shipping time and services provided by Gdex & Skynet vary from location and branch.

iHerb Shipping Method in Malaysia

Your purchase is less than RM500?

Up to you to choose Gdex or Skynet to deliver your items. I am staying in KL and have never had problems with them, but I love that Skynet always sends me SMS notifications before delivery so I can arrange for someone to collect my items.

For safe and timely delivery of your package, it’s important that you don’t order anything too heavy or light. Avoid getting items like Apple Cider Vinegar which is in glass bottles because they are fragile when handled by courier services. You can find this item at any local store easily though.

Try to ensure each supplement item quantity does not exceed four pieces to avoid getting custom tax or confiscated. Or you can try to get a different brand for the same type of supplement. For example, get two bottles of vitamin c from California Gold Nutrition and another two from Now Foods.

Make sure your purchase list looks more like what you would normally buy for personal use, and not something that could potentially for trading.

Your purchase is more than RM500?

If your purchase value is more than Rm500, you will have no choice but to use DHL as your shipping method. You will get a warning letter and charge for duties and custom tax. Your purchase list maybe will be sent to MOH for review. ( You are required to apply for permit/ license to bulk order supplement. )

If your items are seized by the authority, you can always check with DHL on how to proceed and you can call to Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Farmasi ( MOH ) for more information.

Or you can just split your purchase list into smaller amount and re-order them again in a week or a month later.

iHerb Malaysia in 2023

But, things will change in 1st January 2023 for iHerb in Malaysia.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Dewan Rakyat has passed the Sales Tax (Amendment) Bill 2022, which seeks to impose a flat 10% sales tax on goods purchased online and delivered to Malaysia by vendors registered with the finance ministry.


iHerb order or any order from overseas will be charged for 10% sales tax. Many of the supplement products have a long life shelf, so we can stock up now.

iHerb Discount Code

Good news, you can get 10% off your entire order at iHerb.com when you use this reward code FJM048 at checkout. No minimum purchase required!


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