A social media plan is an important step in the process of establishing brand recognition, building relationships with customers and potential stakeholders.

While some may think that a good start-up does not need one because they’ll just end up on somebody else’s network anyways; this couldn’t be more wrong!

A strong online presence can give your company instant credibility which helps generate new leads or even just remind existing ones why they love doing business with you .

1) Social Media channels

There are many social media channels you can use for marketing, but knowing which one will best serve your business goal is an important first step.

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of July 2021, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The most popular social media channels on 2021 are likely to be Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

These platforms are a great way build your brand awareness with their large audience bases that can reach many people at once!

2) Set the goal

First, choose your social media marketing goals by identifying how they align with your target audience.

It’s important that you think about what interests or needs will be fulfilled through this campaign before diving in.

It can take time and resources for these campaigns (like budget) not only succeed but also grow!

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads Generation
  • Sales/ Conversion
  • Building Authority ( Become the leader in your industry )

A social strategy should align with the audience to be most effective.

3) Business analysis

Take a look at your own profile as well as those of competitors. Identify what works and doesn’t work in order for you to improve on these attributes

Do an SWOT analysis- this will help determine how best fit the branding elements of each account so they all work together toward increasing brand awareness among customers/ visitors.

4) Specify your target group

What are you trying to achieve?

Who is it for and how will they benefit, too.

It’s important that the target group understands your goals before anything else happens in a project or advertisement.

5) Create a list of relevant keywords

There are many ways to create good content for your social media feed.

One way is by brainstorming relevant keywords or phrases that will appear in the title of each post, then writing engaging captions under them!

This technique forces you (and anyone else viewing) to think about what they’re looking at while scrolling through posts all day long – which makes their experience more interesting and valuable as well.

6) Create original content

Create original content to stand out in the digital world.

Show your product with style and sell yourself through great photography or video that captures what it feels like using them, invest now for long-term benefits.

In order to be successful, it is necessary for businesses and entrepreneurs alike to create original content.

This will help them stand out from their competitors in the marketplace by giving people something they can’t find anywhere else!

7) Schedule your post/ content

Next, you will want to develop a social media content calendar.

This is an important step for any business because it ensures that the posts are relevant and timely in order not clutter up feeds with unneeded information or spammy posts as seen on other people’s timelines.

8) Optimize and maximize

Optimize your content to be as effective and engaging as possible, figure out what will work best for you, invest in that type of media.

Maximizing reach is key when trying to get people’s attention so spend wisely!

9) Engage with your audience

A two-way dialogue with your audience builds trust, authenticity and engagement.

You can’t expect to engage with your audience and have them return the favor if you don’t give them something in return.

When responding, make sure that each response is tailored specifically for the person who asked a question or made an observation.

Engagement builds trust while authenticity helps build credibility for brands.

10) Track, measure and adjust

The best way to make sure your content is successful and a hit with readers?

Measure it. Use analytics reports for data on what’s working, so you can tweak accordingly.

You may think that content is a hit-or-miss guessing game, but with analytics reports it’s not.

Analytics reports will tell you which strategies are working and help adjust your content to suit the goal.


When you’re well prepared and ready to take on the world with your social media, content planning won’t seem like such a daunting task.

The key is planning ahead so that when life throws us curveballs we have enough time for everything before moving onto our next project or piece of work!

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