How to promote your blog?

  1. Create a blog post that is engaging and creative
  2. Submit guest posts to other blogs in the same niche as yours
  3. Use the social media sites you are comfortable with to promote your work
  4. Create a blog post that is engaging and creative
  5. Be mindful of who you are posting for – this will affect what content you share, how often, and where it goes
  6. Share your new posts on all of your social media pages in order to reach as many people as possible
  7. Make sure to be consistent so that followers know when they can expect more from you
  8. Promote other bloggers’ work by sharing their posts on social media or blogging about them if appropriate
  9. Participate in forums related to topics covered in your blog posts or create a forum yourself for others to discuss ideas with each other (this may not apply if the blog is primarily informational)
  10. Use tools like Google Analytics to see how people are finding you and what they’re reading on your site

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