how to increase sales Shopee MY

How to increase sales in Shopee MY? [ The FREE Methods ]

You are in the driver’s seat for your business. You have to make sure you’re driving it well, though! It is a well-known fact that the best way to increase sales in Shopee online store, it’s just by using proper marketing techniques.

Here, I will be talking about 4 essential guides which can help you do so:

1) Proper Shop Setup

  • Use a proper shop name, avoid using random numbers and characters. Make it sounds like an official store
  • Get a professional-looking logo
  • Do keyword research and buyer’s preferences before uploading your products
  • Use high-quality videos or clean product images, and upload a min 4-5 pictures for 1 product
  • Use point form to highlight the product features make selling points
  • Promote the value of the product

2) Improve Operations

  • Fast shipping
  • Proper packaging
  • High chat response rate
  • Use Shopee Bump
  • Use chat broadcast to promote new products or discounted items
  • Use Shopee LIVE and Shopee FEED to attract and engage with customers
  • Nominate product for flash sales, add bundle deals with high-profit product
  • Get positive reviews

3) Create campaigns with themes and offers for special days or holidays.

  • Pay attention to Shopee promotion, apply for Shopee events
  • Get into the FREE SHIPPING program
  • Always prepare for double day sales and holiday sales, such as 3.3 sales, 11.11 sales, Raya Sales.
  • Create discounts and bundle deals to encourage the buyer to buy more
  • Update the product images
  • Create special bundles with themes and discount
  • Provide extra service for the festive season, eg, gift wrapping, card writing

4) Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, RED aka Xiao Hong Shu, or Twitter, the platform where people can share opinions about products with others who follow them on the site.
  • It’s important to maintain an account in those sites and be the leader of your brand/ products.
  • Attract and engage followers
  • Create special discounts and deals for followers on the platform
  • Create interesting posts and high-quality images to stay engage with followers
  • The more high conversion, engagement rate content, the higher chance of reaching someone new and getting them hooked!


Build the sales funnel for your Shopee store. The 4 basic Sales Funnel stages are the 4 essential guides.

  • Awareness / Discovery = Store setup, product upload, introduce your store and products to the buyer
  • Interest / Sale Intention = Shopee Live, Feed, Chat
  • Conversion = Vouchers, Free Shipping, Sales, Reviews
  • Retention = Loyalty program, turn your customers into followers.

If you are reading this, congratulations! You have already taken the first step in increasing your Shopee MY sales. I hope that these FREE methods will help guide and inspire you. Always be ready for opportunities when they come knocking on your door.

Keep all of these tips handy and use them anytime the opportunity knocks. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see each other as business partners or competitors in a future contest! 😉

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