There are a lot of people who think that content quality is linked to word count, but according to Google it’s not true. Why? Because they say so!

“From our point of view the number of words on a page is not a quality factor, not a ranking factor.

So just blindly adding more and more text to a page doesn’t make it better.”

John Mueller ( )

Quality and length are not inversely proportional, so it’s a bad idea for companies wanting more words on their website or socmed feed (or any other form). More sentence structure doesn’t necessarily mean better written sentences – some people just like using lots of filling-in the blank lines.

It’s a difficult balance to strike. How can an article be comprehensive without being on the long side?

In today’s competitive market, a lack of quality can be the difference between success and failure. Now we know that word counts don’t matter when it comes to ranking your content.

So how should you rank higher?

The battle for high ranking in search engines is not simply a game of length and word count.

The importance lies with your content strategy, which includes keyword research to create valuable information on topics related directly or indirectly by an audience’s query input.


The conclusion for quality content is to focus on the topical intent of your readers.

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