Advertising on online platforms is the best way to reach the ever-growing population of young people in China as they use their phones every day and almost every hour.

So, where should you advertise online in China?

Well it depends on your target audience and what type of advertising you’re looking to do.

For brand awareness or SEO,

For products and services

  • WeChat – Messaging platform ( You can create official account, buy ads banner, build followers and display ads in moment/feed )
  • Weibo – China No1 social media platform
  • DouYin – Tiktok
  • Xiao Hong Shu – Social sharing app
  • TMall – E – commerce platform
  •– E – commerce platform
  • Taobao – E – commerce platform
  • iQiyi – Media
  • Youku – Media

*Click on the links to go to the official advertising contact of the platforms.

But! Advertising online in China is generally different than how we are used to doing with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

You cannot just create an account in the platform and set the ads by yourself. You will need to go through with agency ( If your business is not in China ) or you will need to apply an account with the platform by providing business details and also Ads deposit.

China has a very strict advertising policy and censorship laws. This is to ensure that nothing goes against the interests of their country or its citizens.


China is a huge market that many people want to enter. If you’re one of them, it’s important for you to do your research and learn about the Chinese culture before entering this country online marketing business because what works in other countries may not work here.

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