There are many ways to make money online, but affiliate marketing is one of the best options for beginners.

If you want to find success with this strategy before moving on toward more competitive markets like digital or product-based businesses then it’s best that start by selling products in your local market first.

So, where to find Malaysia’s affiliate program so you can earn with lower risks and in MYR?

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Be careful and do not fall into online scams. Read and make sure you understand how is the system works.

Here are some good affiliate programs in Malaysia.

1- Shopee Affiliate Program

Shopee is the leading e-commerce site in Malaysia, it has more than 10 million products and provides free shipping for most items ordered online.

And they are offering an affiliate program which you can earn up to 7% commission per sale.

The affiliate program is worth trying, as the wide range of products in the platform offers easy ways to make sale commissions.

You can sign up HERE.

2- Lazada Affiliate Program

Lazada has a complete and easy affiliate system that allows you to promote products for sales.

Malaysians love to shop for electronic items or digital goods on Lazada. Digital goods can get up to 8.50% commissions in Lazada affiliate.

If you understand digital goods and know what customers are looking for, there’s no better place to start than the Lazada.

Click to sign up an account HERE.

3- Exabytes

Cloud hosting, IT services, design and even marketing services are all available at Exabytes. Promote their services and bring the lead to them, let the sales team close the deals and you will get paid for the commission.

You can earn up to RM350 per sales. It is not hard to promote their services with extensive portfolios in their website.

Click HERE to sign up for their affiliate program.

4- Site Giant

SiteGiant helps online sellers sell their items on various platforms, such as lazada shopee, facebook instagram or even whatsapp. It’s a quick and easy solution for any seller to use! Also, it makes you easy to sell their services online!

Click HERE to read more about the program.

5- Zalora

Zalora is one of the biggest online fashion retailers in Malaysia. Zalora is a one-stop shop for all your clothing needs. From luxury brands to fast fashion, you can get whatever look in just Zalora!

Zalora affiliate program offers 6% commission for new customers and 4% commission for returning customers.*

I used to join affiliate with Zalora BAP program and I earned over RM1200 in 2014-2015. But their program changed, so now it’s a different system. To be Zalora affiliate, please read up the terms and conditions HERE to make sure it’s a good fit for you!

TIPS before signing up an affiliate program.

Before signing up for an affiliate program, read the terms and conditions. Then email or ask if anything is not clear so you know what’s expected of you as a member. Having this information will help ensure your success with the new affiliation:

  • Payment method, currency, period and THRESHOLD
  • Commission rate
  • Calculation of commission
  • Cookie life
  • Affiliate kits ( Banner, Graphics )
  • Supports


If you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is a cool way. But it’s important that you understand what matters before promoting any product or service so you don’t waste your time and resources on something that won’t be worth it in the end.

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