Advance Clinicals Retinol – Advanced Firming Cream 454g

I bought this cream in my last purchase from IHerb. The review for it is very convincing and just got to try out the product myself, after reading through many reviews on different sites about how great they are at improving your skin condition; so far mine has been amazing!

I’ve been using it as a neck cream for 3 weeks now and my neck has felt much smoother. There was even some fine lines that have started to disappear from where they were at before, which is amazing because those usually don’t go away.

Advanced clinical retinol cream is not the light and watery type. The cream is a bit thicker than the light variety and you need to massage it thoroughly in order for your skin absorbs the ingredients well.

Here is my overall opinion for this cream.


  • Affordable – RM56
  • Big size – 454g
  • Contains retinol ( The retinol percentage is not indicated in the label )
  • Moisturizing
  • No scent or fragrances
  • No sticky feeling
  • Fast and visible result
  • Does smoother my skin
  • Got rid of some fine lines in my neck


  • Not fast absorbing ( Need some drying time )
  • Always out of stock

In short, if you see the Advanced Clinical Retinol Firming Cream is available in the shopping platform, you buy it. Do not wait!

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iHerb-Promo-Code- FJM048
iHerb-Promo-Code- FJM048

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