How to find your blogging niche?

How to find your blogging niche?

Have you ever wanted to start blogging but weren’t sure what topics or niche to go with?

Let me help!

Here are 5 steps for finding your perfect blog.

1. Think about the things that interest you and make a list of them as they come into mind one by one.

2. Flip through magazines at home until an article catches your eye; highlight it if something interests you on this particular topic so that we can get another idea down here too (remembering not to spend more than 10 minutes).

3. Use Google’s query tools like “Google Trends” which let us know how many people have been typing in our chosen words lately – very helpful when selecting keywords because these insights will give suggestions based off others’ search terms related.

4. Think of how to make money from the blog niche. For example, if you are blogging about cooking, you can get paid by adding affiliate links from Amazon, or other e-commerce sites which offer affiliate links for cooking product. Choose a niche that can make money.

5. Start your blog and test your niche. There’s just no telling if your blog will be a success or not until it actually takes off!

I found that figuring out my niche was the best way to make sure people would come back for more. It can sometimes take some trial-and-error before finding something which really resonates with readers but don’t give up too easily because there’ll always be an audience somewhere waiting for what you have to say about _ topic (fill in blank).

What do you think? Have any ideas on how we could improve this passage?

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