What to do when you stuck in Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is just like constipation, you want to let go your gear but there is no way to let it go. Traffic jam is the problem we get to face it every working days, stuck for 10 minutes consider you get lucky for the day. I was once get caught in traffic jam for 2.3 hours, I can’t felt my legs when I reached home. (Me using manual car, cool, yea, I know)

So what you do when you get stuck in traffic jam? I have seen many people messaging, reading newspaper, singing along with the radio, cursing, playing phone, watching videos from mobile phone, self checkout from the mirror, smoking, blah and blah. Boring, boring, boring! Why can’t you do something fun when you get stuck in traffic jam!

Playing mobile phone games or apps is dangerous even if your vehicle is stopped because of traffic jam. You will lose your focus on road/ traffic condition. Reading newspaper or website will slow down your reflexes. So, what to do when you get caught in traffic?

1- Play mind games
You can train your brain with some mind games. Use a stopwatch, count 1.2.3 in your mind, the game is to sync the numbers in your mind with a stopwatch. This game can calm your mind and make yourself become a human countdown timer! If your microwave’s timer spoiled, but you still can cook your meal perfectly!

2- Train your memory
With mobile phone and all sort of digital devices to help you record everything, I guess your brain is aging and memory is fading. Admit it, you can’t even memorize more than 5 contact numbers. Well, you can start training your memory power when you stuck in traffic jam, find 5 cars that you like on the road, memorize their car plate number and check if you can write down those numbers when you crawl back to your home/destination.

3- Study vocabulary
Same like method 2, but you can choose to memorize new vocabulary from the language you want to master. Get some vocabulary flash card and enhance your vocab, in the same time you can boost your confidence in communications. You can show off to your friends too. Try to get some Shakespeare’s ultimate elegant, extremely bewildering jabs and affronts sentences. You can use that on your enemy and make them looks like half-baked.

4- Check the surroundings or self check out
Open your eyes wide and check out what the other driver or passengers doing when they get stuck. Maybe you will find some hot couples kissing, the process of make up, people eating nasi lemak using 1 hand.. blah and blah. Who knows, you might really get lucky, some pretty girl get bored and start conversation with you through hand gesture from their car. You can also self check out with the built-in mirror. Check if is time to trim nose hair, check if you need a facial or how to shape your mustache handsomely. blah and blah.

5- Call someone to chat
Call toll free numbers and chat with random operators. Of course, i am not asking you call to hospital, police or emergency force la. but you can call to banks, restarants, or even some society clubs. Remember, Bruce Willis gets his gf from this way too in RED2. Remember to use your handsfree when you make a call. I am not responsible if you get caught.

The end, kthxb.

PS: Here is a free gift from me, use this to scold your enemy wisely.