Ultimate Guideline to Get the Best Deals in E commerce [2015]

I have been shopping online since i was in secondary school. Back then there’s not many eCommerce platform so i start with buying bags and accessories on local forums and dealing with forum sellers. There are so many eCommerce platforms now, you can shop for anything in anytime and everywhere. I am a regular in zalora, lazada, taobao, ebay and few platforms now. Here is a few tips on buying online:-

1) If you do not need it urgently, try to put it on cart and don’t check out.
Very soon they will send you a discount code for you to buy the items on cart. Tried this in eBay and Zalora, and it works!

2) Always check before you make any purchase.
I will always google the things i want to buy before i check out. Check on the reputation of the seller, check on the reviews of the products and check if the platform has a good after-sale services.
From my experiences, Lelong and Mudah will not follow up complaints. Its best to COD with the seller in Lelong and Mudah, you can always check on the item before you give out your hard-earned money.

3) Check on these places before you pay.

Check on the social networks. You need to make you own judgement after checking out all the reviews. There is no zero complaints e commerce platforms out there.

4) Check if there is any discount code.
Do you know you can always google for discount code? There are many good websites out there for you to compare prices and get seasonal disounts.

5) Contact the eCommerce platforms first.
Contact the eCommerce platforms first if you have any complaints for the products or service. Things will go smoothly if you just contact them to solve the problems.

It’s really convenient to be able to shop online. Be nice to the seller, be polite to the e commerce customer service, be patient for the delivery and take control of your budget. Stop impulse shopping.

I will list out all the reputable e commerce platforms in next post. Stay tuned. [P/S: Save up for cybersales 2015! It’s coming soon]