The Monkey King 3D

So, I’ve watched the trailer of The Monkey King 2014.

I believe most of the 70’s and 80’s people are very familiar with the story of Journey to the West. The story of a monk with his powerful disciples travel to the west to search for the ultimate sutra. The monkey king ( Sun Wu Kong )is the disciples of the monk. The Monkey King 3D is a movie for CNY, starred with the hottest actors and actress from Hong Kong and China. This movie was budgeted at 400 millions, and the 3D shoot was done by the Hollywood talents.

My thoughts after watching the trailer:-
⇝ wow, Big casting, Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen, Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chan, Gigi Leong, many of the Hong Kong actor and actress we familiar with.
⇝ Wow, Big budget. Hollywood movie type of budget.
⇝ Boo, So old-fashioned in terms of the action style and the CGI objects in the movie. Just look at the palace, the action effects, the weapons, the horses, the dragon.
⇝ Wow, i can’t recognize the great wing chun master Donnie Yen. Well, which means he does looks like the Monkey King.
⇝ Boo, The dragon is so fake.
⇝ Boo, Such terrible CGI, even the Storm Warriors 2009 has better CGI than this movie.
⇝ Boo, Look at the third eye of Erlang Shen, so real. The third eye is like a second layer on his face.
⇝ Boo, Arron kwok talking mandarin.

Not looking forward