I am going to write this in The Gutter Food of Fail Uncensored style.

Ok, so me and my friend lap cheong go to tao to celebrate lap cheong’s birthday. Both of us starved for 2 months to save money because we want to eat something expensive. So we choose Tao authentic asian cuisine the all you can eat buffet. Lucky we made reservation, if not we got no place to sit, we have to go back Kepong eat chili pan mee, so if you want to visit tao, you have to be smart like us, call and make reservation.

So we starved for the day and go to Tao to eat until they cry.

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine

The lighting in my place is very bad, most of the time i also don’t know what i am eating. You see the picture you know already how bad is the lighting.

Tao buffet can order from menu and the waitress will help you to take order and send the food to your table. So you don’t have to go war with the aunties in the food bar.

Tao Buffet - Oyster

Tao Buffet – Oyster

Eat buffet how can not eat oyster. No eat oyster in the buffet means you lose money, we don’t want to lose money so we take oyster. Oyster is not – not fresh but is not fresh also, is somewhere is the middle of becoming not fresh. We have buddha heart so we try to help them eat as much as we can.

Tao Buffet - Mixed  Sashimi

Tao Buffet – Mixed Sashimi

We had this mixed sashimi plate because we come here for the sashimi. But me and lapcheong feel that we are more oily than the sashimi. Salmon sashimi is dry, shime saba is a bit salty but white tuna and maguro is nice just the slice is too thin.

How can we no order unagi, unagi is a must order in japanese style restaurant. But tao unagi is like auntie cook with sweet soy sauce only. The sauce is too sweet and we barely can taste the unagi.

Tao Buffet - Butter Mushrooms

Tao Buffet – Butter Mushrooms

We need some vege so we had this butter mushrooms. This butter mushrooms took half an hour to cook. The chef really use a lot of butter to cook the mushroom so is very butter mushrooms.

We had many more other dishes too. But we suspects the chef is ABC sweet sauce lover, he likes to make every things sweet, the grill squids, yakitori and other teriyaki dishes were as sweet as me. The softshell crab is not good, the crab is oily and cold but we still eat it because we don’t want to waste food and let people curse. Sake hamaguri is stir fried clams with japanese wine but the chef want to save water to play ice bucket challenge so he didn’t clean griddle after he done cooking with ABC sweet sauces dishes. So the japanese wine taste a bit like ABC sweet sauce too. But is the clams is fresh and tasty.

The chawanmushi is good. Grill prawn is sweet and fresh but not the sweetness from ABC sweet sauce, is the sweetness from the prawn. Grill shitake is soft and tasty too.

They have peach tea, japanese green tea and ribena for you to choose. We like peach so we took peach tea, but peach tea is too sweet to go with the sweet dishes so we have to take the japanese green tea, lucky they save some sugar from japanese green tea if not me and lap cheong have to take the orange from the fruits bar to squeeze the juice to drink already. Lap cheong is a ribena lover so he order the ribena to drink but he got angry because he said is not ribena, how can a ribena not a ribena, lap cheong said this ribena is not the authentic ribena this is cheap cheap sunkist or sunkiss or other grape flavor concentrate pretend to be ribena, lucky i didn’t take the ribena because it was very sweet too.

From 8:30pm we eat until 11pm, they have variety of foods for you to choose and eat. The waitress and waiter is friendly and nice. The environment is not bad and the floor is clean.

We went on Saturday night, 8:30pm section. Total damaged is Rm62 per person + 16% taxes.


Kepong Thai Garden Village (TGV) Review

mmm I like Thai food, I love having Thai food in raining day. Kepong Thai Garden Village is one of the popular Thai cuisine restaurant in Kepong area. Food is nice, price is reasonable, staff are friendly, environment is cool, private parking, kid’s playground, mini aquarium, air condition room and open air place. What can you ask for more? Check here for location.

Kepong TGV

Kepong Thai Garden Village

Kepong TGV

Kepong TGV

Their signature dishes are fire phoenix with honey, claypot crab with vermicelli, tomyam soup, fried tilapia with mango salad, mango salad, grilled lamb shoulders…… And my flavours dishes are steamed lala, fried paku pakis, salted egg squid, clear tomyam seafood soup, green curry chicken, fried butter prawn, grilled lamb shoulders and mango salad.

Salted Egg Squid

Salted Egg Squid- Rm 19.90

This is a must order dishes if you like salted egg or squid. I went to TGV more than 10 times, and they managed to serve me with fresh squid every time. I like this dish because TGV prepared it in wet style instead of fried style. Normally when you order salted egg squid in other places, some restaurant will just fried the squid with salted egg but in TGV they serve it in wet style, you can still taste the freshness of the squid and the creamy texture of salted egg.

Red seafood tom yam soup

Small Red seafood tom yam soup- RM 15.90

How can you not order a tomyam soup in a Thai restaurant. TGV provide few choices for tomyam soups, there are clear soup, coconut tomyam soup, prawn soup and few more. My favourite is clear tomyam soup, which is more spicy and salty. TGV is generous, small bowl of tomyam seafood is enough for 2-3 person to share, and everyone will get a full small bowl of seafood and tomyam soup.

Fried butter prawn

Fried butter prawn- Rm 20.90

Fresh prawn with creamy butter and crispy shredded egg, mmmmm, I am reminiscing the taste. The chef is so good, the prawn can eat with the crispy shell together with the creamy butter. The shell is crispy yet the meat is tender and sweet.

Thai style steamed squid

Thai style steamed squid- RM2?.90 (maybe Rm22.90, but not more than RM25)

Thai style steamed squid, i prefer Thai style steamed lala tho, but it’s good too. Squid is fresh, broth is sour and spicy.

Fried mixed vegetables

Fried mixed vegetables- Rm12.90

Fried mixed vegetables goes well with fluffy white rice.

Ice blended

Mango tango and soursop pop ice blended- Rm6.90 each

The ice blended is good too. Smooth and taste good although they only using syrups for the flavours.

Sekian, this is one of my favourite restaurant.

Authentic Szechuan Cuisine in Kepong

Fuuuu, i like spicy food but recently i got bored from Thai cuisine so i went to try Szechuan cuisine. Wei Dao Jiang Hu is located in Taman Usahawan, somewhere near Kepong Aeon Big, same row with Yokotaya and QQ bbq and steamboat restaurant. The restaurant is runs by Szechuan people and the food is really good.

Brace yourself, the pictures below might make your mouth water. /or not, because of the poor quality.

Szechuan Food in KL

Wei Dao Jiang Hu

Szechuan Food in KL

Wei Dao Jiang Hu

Szechuan Food in KL

Wei Dao Jiang Hu

Szechuan Boiled Fish

Szechuan Boiled Fish – Rm32

Steamed Chicken in Szechuan Chili Oil

Steamed Chicken in Szechuan Chili Oil – Rm15

Need not to worry, if you are not eating the chili, the spiciness is actually quite mild (in between of Nandos Chili sauce mild – hot level) , but beware of the Szechuan pepper numbing your tongue. My favorite dishes is the cold dish – Steamed Chicken in Szechuan Chili Oil! The chicken is soft, smooth, velvety texture and spicy (mild).

All in all, the food here is great, not pricey, air conditional place, waitress are pretty and easy to find parking. Give it a try if you like Szechuan food.