My first Taobao haul has arrived!

Wee, this is the first time i taobao on my own, didn’t go through any agents or friends. I used TaoBao international cargo service for the purchase.

Placed order on: 2014-07-09
Confirmed order and payment on the same day (product and cargo): 2014-07-09
Shipped on (From international cargo): 2014-07-12
Arrived : 2014-07-19

7 days from China to Malaysia and i received my parcel on Saturday morning.

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

And i bought many of useless but cute things.

Taobao Haul - mini usb fan

Taobao Haul – mini usb fan

I bought this mini usb fan to make my nail color dry faster and to cool down my hot drinks or food.

Price: RMB 15.70
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul - Stationary

Taobao Haul – Stationary

Cute kaonashi pens, batman pens and ironman note book. The pink bunny pen is a free gift from the taobao shop

Price: RMB 2.00 (batman pen), RMB 2.50 ( Kaonashi pen), RMB 19.80 (Ironman note book)
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul- folder, loom band

Taobao Haul- folder, loom band

Cute document folder and loom band.

Price: RMB 5.80 (folder), RMB 5.50 ( Loom band)
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul - Sock and  Hair Accessories

Taobao Haul – Sock and Hair Accessories

3 pairs of socks and hair accessories, the black hair band is a free gift too.

Price: RMB 4.80 (sock), RMB 2.40 ( bunny hair band), RMB 8.00 (anchor bag)
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul - plant

Taobao Haul – plant

Negative ion plants

Price: RMB 9.50
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul - Facial Tools

Taobao Haul – Facial Tools

Some facial tools.

Price: RMB 19.90 for the set
From: 魔法美人旗舰店 Taobao shop

Taobao Haul - Iphone 5s case

Taobao Haul – Iphone 5s case

And my Iphone 5s phone cases! Check out the super cool batman kamen phone case and the ugly but cute kubito.

Price: RMB 28.00 (batman kamen), RMB 28.00 ( Kubito)
From: 仟佰银 Taobao shop
Price: RMB 31.00 (Sprayground – Spongebob & 3 Eagles)
From: zhouyubingbb Taobao shop

Taobao haul - mini blocks and Elmo shopping bag

Taobao haul – mini blocks and Elmo shopping bag

Bought some mini blocks for my friends and Elmo shopping bag.

Price: RMB 5.00 (mini blocks)
From: crown0519 Taobao shop
Price: RMB 16.80 (elmo shopping bag)
From: 3028 Taobao shop

Total damage: RM220.12 for everything, included international cargo service.

Goodbye Dr Lecter.

Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham

Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham

Hannibal S2 finale, goodbye Dr Lecter. And i wonder will we see Will, Jack, Alana and Abigail again. All of them were lying in blood pool in the end, but Alana and Will had already called the police so early! I hope none of them die, at least, not like this.

It’s strange that i don’t feel sad for Will, Jack and others but i feel sad that Will betrayed Hannibal’s trust. I knew Will was in Jack’s side all the time but this is/might be the first time Hannibal start trusting to anyone.

Don’t worry, Hannibal will be back for sure! Read more info from Hannibal’s showrunner interview here!

I was surprised by the ending, i knew Hannibal could run away from Will easily after he figured out Will did not kill Freddie. I was surprised by his partner who sitting besides to him at the plane. I thought he will bring Abigail with him. So, was it all planned from the start?

Rest assured, S3 will be coming soon! Soon, we can see our elegant, charismatic, wicked Doctor Lecter!

Hannibal has been renewed for a Season 3, which will delight fans of the NBC Friday night show following its Season 2 finale on May 23. At the moment the network has not confirmed a specific date for the Season 3 premiere, but it is believed that it should have an air date in late 2014 or in the first half of 2015.

Meanwhile, you can watch this new/not so new drama about another clever psycho, Bates Motel while waiting the come back of Hannibal.

Beware, below is some screenshots from Hannibal. The beautiful but gore art pieces done by Dr Lecter.

Screenshots from Hannibal
Goodbye Dr Lecter

Goodbye Dr Lecter

See you soon! Dr Lecter!

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Fuuu, I have been waiting for the new X-Men movie after watched X-Men: First Class. So, I went to watch Days of Future Past, and here is my review after the movie.

Spoiler alertSpoiler alertSpoiler alert

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

I love X Men: First Class and I like this one too. Days of Future Past answered my question for the X Men.
Why Charles Xavier’s legs cannot be recovered even though he has Hank the brilliant scientist and other mutant students by his side?

He can walk again after using Hank’s potion but he will lose his abilities.

Days of Future Past is a great movie, the great cast, good story line, super powers, super effects, time travelling, all the deceased x men came back to life because the past has changed.

The movie is action packed and there is no any boring scenes. The movie caught my eyeballs from the start till the end. I think the movie can be longer because the ending is a bit rushing. The soundtracks is OK but i wish it can be better. First Class has impressive soundtracks to pull the story along and blending into the story. By the way, stay till the every end of the movie for a history class. Overall, First Class is still my favorite X Men movie. But, this is my second favorite. I hope there is more screen time for Quicksilver and Bishop in X-men: Apocalypse.
PS: Quicksilver is Magneto’s son.
PS: He and his sister will be meeting us soon in The Avengers: Age of Ultron soon.
PS: Magneto has 3 children.

X-MEN- Main Characters

X-MEN- Main Characters

Professor X & Magneto

Professor X & Magneto

XMEN-Old Characters

XMEN-Old Characters

XMEN-New Characters

XMEN-New Characters

Now, i have to wait until 2016 for X-men: Apocalypse.

Shopping Experience From Zalora Malaysia

It was a payday and I was spammed by Zalora discount sales newsletter. Next thing i remember, i was making payment for the cart.

Confirmed order on Sunday night, and i received the parcel on Tuesday morning. I am very pleased with the speedy delivery. Last few parcels were packed with parcel plastic and this is the first time my order came with a box. Me like box.

Zalora Parcel

Zalora Parcel

I bought a dress and a pair of sunglasses.

Zalora Shopping Haul

Zalora Shopping Haul

Vero Moda dress with discount.

But they forgot to send me the slash tie. Contacted with customer service and explained the missing item on the same day i received the parcel.

Zalora customer service

Zalora customer service

And i received the slash tie next morning!

Vero Moda Camu Short Dress Mix

Vero Moda Camu Short Dress Mix

So, me is happy now. Or wait, maybe not, Zalora is having GP Sales now. I must not buy anymore dresses, my bank account is draining.

Zalora, y u do dis to me.

Take this code when you check out to get 15% more discount

Lego Movie 2014 Review

An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together.

Awesome, awesome, everything is awesome, Batman, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, the cat, blah blah, everything is awesome! I like lego and i love batman, so this movie is my bias! I declared this is a Monday Movie! A highly entertaining movie, de-stress you from Monday Blue so you can continue your taco Tuesday with joy.

Spoiler alertSpoiler alertSpoiler alert

The Lego Movie- Characters

The Lego Movie- Characters

This movie has great animation and good story plot. The voice casts were awesome! Liam Neeson did a great job on voice over for goodcop/badcop, not to mention the incredible god voice – Morgan Freeman. The super duper cute mad batman, the cool and lovely lucy and the [extra] ordinary Emmet, the fluffy cloud cuckoo land, everything is awesome! There are many cute scenes and cross over of superheroes in the movie.

Batman & Wonderwomen

Batman:To the Batmobile!
[kaboooooooom] Batman: Dang it…
Wonder Woman: To the Invisible Jet!
[kabooooooooom]Wonder Woman: Dang it…

Batman mad throws batarang

Robot: Who are you here to see?
Batman: I’m here to see… your butt!
Hiak hiak hiak hiak[Mad throws batarangsssss to hit the robot and button]Batman: FIRST TRY!

Vitruvius ghost

Vitruvius ghost: awu awu awu

Superman hates Green Lantern

Green Lantern: Don’t worry Superman, I’ll get you out of there
Superman: No,don’t…
Green Lantern: Oh my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.
Superman: I super hate you. 🙁

Superman and Green lantern’s interaction is one of the cutest scene! Need not to say more, this movie is a good movie, creative and fun, totally worth for the ticket money!

I am a superfan for batman. I super love the batman in the lego movie, he is darn cute when he is mad because he missed the target. He has more joyful and fun expression in the movie. I have a collection of batman keychain and magnet which i got it from The Legoland. If you saw any cute batman stuff, please please please let me know!


Batman Magnet


Batman Blue Version keychain


Batman the family

My Lego keychain collection.

Superman, lego


Hulk, lego

Hulk is angry

Starwars DarthVader & Stroomper

Starwars DarthVader & Stroomper

My Lego Collection

My Lego Collection

Just like the theme song of the Lego movie! Everything is awesome!

My rating: 8/10
IMDB rating:
The Lego Movie (2014) on IMDb