So, same sex marriage is legal in US now.

I’ve seen wall of rainbow on my social networks. Many people cheers for the LGBT and I’ve seen people oppose it. I didn’t turn my profile picture into rainbow because i don’t need to do this to show support for LGBT. I am not opposing it and not a hardcore supporter either. I bet many of them does not even care about LGBT rights before US making the statements.

I do not understand why people are opposing it also. It’s fine if your religion don’t allow you to do that but i don’t remember there is any religions ask you to NOT respect others. The malicious comments on Facebook they posted is like they were laughing happily in someone’s funeral. People are worried about the new disease will break out and human population will drop. Human population is over growth anyway, you should be worrying for the clean water and foods. What kind of new disease will outbreak just because LGBT is allows to get married? Is not like they were not gay before the news.

So what if your children saw same sex couples kissing in the public? That will turns your kid to gay? I don’t think so. I bet your children will get married to someone who they LOVE. You need to educate your children with love. Or you think your children is monkey? Monkey see, Monkey do? Come on, monkey is even smarter than some smartasses who like to jump to the conclusion so quickly.

We are now in 21st century. We have sciences and technology to overcome many of the misfortunes that happened in the past. If white may marry with black, rich may marry with poor, tall may marry with short, why not gay marriage? And what about the moral? Have you ever thought of where do we get our morals from? There is a lot of theories and philosophy to read about. Why are you so afraid of gay marriage? If you are not born as gay or being attracted with the same sex, you will not be gay, you can still date with girls or boys and make some babies.

All from above is my personal opinion anyway, i am writing this not because i am gay. I am straight. I am not living in US, but this is not just US thing either. We all have the freedom of choice, to live happily or to die sorrowfully. Why must you makes the “different” suffer?