Pros and Cons: Visiting Seoul Korea in Winter

If i have to choose, i will choose to visit Korea in winter season again. I am not a big fan for greens and flowers, definitely not a fan for summer and also i don’t like to stuck in queue with many other travellers for transport or other facilities.

Here are my reasons for choosing winter season to visit Korea again!


  1. Most of the attraction places are on hill or mountain. You need to climb up and down to do shopping or visit the attraction spots. I hate getting sweaty and sticky climbing up and down.
  2. Summer season is too hot and i had enough of heat in Malaysia. Feels like staying in huge oven everyday already.
  3. Spring and Autumn are very popular seasons for traveller. You might need to spend a lot of times in queueing for everything.

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  4. More discounts and promotions for off seasons.
  5. Might be able to get shop assistant to help you get the things you want. Most of the shop assistant in shopping area will focus more on China tourists as they always buy things in bulk.
  6. Can save more on accommodation.
  7. The stunning view in winter. White and fluffy snow fall from sky, everything is covered in white.
    Seoul Trip 2016

    Snow in Seoul

  8. There are plenty festivals. Such as: light festival in the botanic garden, ice sculpture festival or sunset/sunrise party on the mountain.
  9. Can go for skiing.
  10. The beautiful Christmas decorations in the shopping areas!
  11. Seasonal fruits or foods. It was strawberry season when i visiting Korea, almost every cafe serving seasonal strawberry drinks and bingsu.
    Strawberry Waffle

    Strawberry Waffle

  12. What’s better than enjoying the hot and spicy Kimchi soup and smoky pork BBQ in the winter.
  13. And Yes! Fried chicken, beer, soju in the winter night.
  14. Heh and you can enjoy walking or shopping here and there without the disturbance of rude and loud China tourist group.


  1. It’s cold. Colder than i expected. You will need to spend wise and invest properly in winter jacket and thermal wears. Just get a good and warm winter jacket that is light in weight, easy to take off, long enough to cover your back and water resistance.
  2. You might have a bleeding nose, the air in winter is cold and extra dry. Get yourself a warm and long scarf or a mask.
  3. The road is slippery.
  4. The day is short.
  5. Winter wears are heavy, might need to buy more luggage weight.
  6. Only winter fashion/clothes are available in the shops.
  7. Skin get fragile and dry, easy to get cut or hurt without knowing. Need to bring baby oil or deep moisturising cream and band aid.
  8. Need to prepare an portable umbrella just in case if snowing or raining. Extra weight on your bag.
  9. Need to take off jacket, scarf and gloves when entering building or restaurant.
  10. Hard to take photos due to wearing gloves and late reflection because of the cold air.
  11. Hard to get out from bed, feel like hibernating forever in the warm and cozy bed.

For me, the pros is > cons. I have the chance to wear winter clothes, looking good in selfie without trying hard [No melted makeup or messy hair], a cup of hot coffee in winter definitely makes the pros win. South Korea is a very travel friendly country, the people are nice and helpful, the city is safe and clean. I had never seen a stray dogs or cats everywhere, no cockroaches or rats in the roadside stalls. A beautiful country that will make you keep visiting. I am saving hard right now and hopefully can re-visit again very soon.