Pain & Gain 2013 Review

Big boys, Big Dreams, Big ambitions. Wrong moves, Wrong paths, Wrong decisions.

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Pain and Gain

The trio

3 not so smart boys decided to take a short cut by kidnapping and robbing other’s belongings. Violence, robbing, kidnapping, cocaine, hitting, torturing, decomposing body, alcohol, strippers, sexing. All the negative elements are all in one movie. This movie is bad because the director makes the criminals feel like not guilty at all. He make them feel like, totally worth it. Well, this is no good, not cool and not encouraging.

This is a comedy, well, it does serve as a comedy movie. But the laughing points are somehow shallow, you laugh in the movie but once you finish the movie, you totally forgot why you laugh at it. The first half of the movie was fun, till they started to do the stupid things.

Outdoor Hand Grilling

Outdoor Hand Grilling

It is kinda hard to believe the movie was based on a true story. Grilling hands outdoor, purchasing large quantity of suspicious items in once, suspicious people move in in your rich neighborhood without any background and no one is curious about it?



Doc: Why are you dressed for surgery in our hospital?
Lugo: Well, I like to be prepared for anything.

Perfect execution. Seriously?!?!

victim's dog

victim’s dog

Well, basically, the dogs in the movie are the real hero. Dog is really a man’s best friend!

In the end, two of them (Lugo and Adrian) were sentenced to death, while the rock, the cokehead was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Overall, this movie is a bad movie. I find it hard to believe it was based on a true story, if these 3 idiots can actually robbed and did enjoy the wealth which belongs to someone else. Do you really think this movie will not influence other dumb heads? Now, you might want to say this to me.



But, hey, there are someone out there willing to sell one of his kidney for an iphone4, there are a bunch of Justin Bieber’s fans. Now, tell me again, am i too exaggerated?

My rating: 4/10
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  1. weekee says:

    this movie is so good.. i always open it when im about to sleep.. LOL

    1. kamimi says:

      why? this movie is boring to you? haha

      1. yea.. so boring.. check out this movie.. one of the best movie of 2013
        A Story of Yonosuke