[Beware!] 86Daigou.com Review

I have been craving for China spicy snacks ever since i came back from Beijing trip. Found this website- https://www.86daigou.com/, a taobao agent website which can helps to find and buy sensitive items and ship back to Malaysia.

The website itself looks professional and it is just like taobao.com. Without a second thought and deep research, i’ve placed order for the snacks and chilis i craving. Most of the taobao seller offers free local shipping so it is free to ship from china to 86daigou china warehouse. Once all the items arrived to the warehouse, there is another charges for international shipping which is fair. However, the international shipping charges from 68 daigou is ridiculous!

I received marketing email from 68 daigou before i make purchase and it said there is 50% discount for EMS international shipping. Everything looks promising and reasonable and i happily made purchase of many snacks from 68 daigou.


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How to plan for a trip?

I am no expert in trip planning but i always research the places i want to visit beforehand. Here with few suggestions or tips to people who want to plan for their trips/vacations.

1. Check your schedule.
When to go? Before you plan for short or long vacation, make sure you always check on your company leave policy. Check your project’s timeline/roadmaps, and apply your leaves 2 weeks or 1 month before for long vacation or 1-2 weeks before short vacation. Make sure your manager or boss have enough time to arrange for replacement and plan ahead. Set your vacation email and inform your clients who can they contact during your absence. * Remember to do a follow up with your clients when you are back to work.

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Hermo 612 Sales + Gmarket Haul 2016

My June online shopping haul! Time to open these boxes, my source of happiness. Ever since i am aware for all these online shopping platforms, i have no desire to go shopping mall anymore. I like to sit back in my comfort place, sipping coffee while browsing online shopping platforms. I can take time to check on the reviews before buying and need not to queue to pay or carry the heavy goods and walk around. The most important, i can shop without the crowd.

Hermo 612 Sales + Gmarket Haul
Here comes the open box! Three boxes from Gmarket, one from Hermo 612 sales.

Hermo 612 Sales + Gmarket Haul
I am lucky to be the first 8000 buyers to get the lucky bag from hermo. I only bought 3 items, ryo shampoo, Missha X LINE friends edition bb cushion and clean it zero makeup remover balm.

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