My Two Cents for Zalora Malaysia

Zalora Malaysia is where i will shop online for clothes. It is a great platform for people like me who hates to queue, drive and find parking. Not only Zalora Malaysia offers a huge range of brands for clothing but also accessories and shoes, all the women’s needs.

I can say that i am very loyal with Zalora Malaysia. I have been their user since 2013 when i was just started working and i am still buying clothes with them now. As a loyal user for Zalora Malaysia apps and web version, here are suggestions or ideas i would like to propose to Zalora.

1) Frequency of promotion and depth of discount offered.
Zalora Malaysia has been doing a lot of promotions. Some of the promotions are attractive which will make you go hunt for clothes just to use the discount code but most of the time, unattractive discounts will make user unsubscribe to your promotional email and also stay off from the apps.

18% Off for minimum RM170 nett purchase.
Never Ever Sober

I am no longer happy or excited when i receive zalora promotion / discount offer email. Small discount but high minimum purchase amount. Imagine someone keep slamming your door and ask you to buy stuff which you do not need it everyday by offering you free paper bag as promotion.

2) Improve the review section.
The clothes are wearing by professional models for visual. I believe many of the regular users would want to see how the clothes look on the other regular user. There are not many users willing to write review or share picture because the review section in the web or app is not drawing any attention. It is there but it feel like a term and condition page. No one cares. Make use of it, improve the review section, reward users to send in photo and sincere reviews. Encourage users to share their photos on social network.

3) Show mix and match outfits ideas
Many of us are having problems on mix and matching outfits. It would be great if Zalora Malaysia has a section for fashion guru-s to show or guide us on how to mix and match with the clothes selling on Zalora.

4) Special themes or popular fashion pieces
Showcase a series of special themes items in 1 promotional page. Encourage users to try on popular fashion pieces by showing them how the fashion pieces can enhance their appearance or why is it worth to own.

Never Ever Sober

5) Recommendation list
Some of the users might just want to browse through the web/app to kill time. They might have no needs to buy or no idea what to buy. Having a custom recommendation list can attract them to spend. Generate a list of clothes based on their color, size, style preference and highlight on why these clothes are needed by them. I believe the recommendation list can bring up some sales for Zalora.

Let me know if you like the ideas and let’s hope Zalora Malaysia grow bigger and offer us more discount and promotion.

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