[Movie Review ] The Boy Next Door

Just don’t waste your time for this movie. The lamest movie for this year, i would say.
Predictable story plot, boring casts of characters, no suspends, no thrills, if there is no Jlo and the boy sexy scenes, you can sleep throughout the movie.

So, Jlo is separated with her cheated husband, she is staying in the house with her dumb and nerdy son. One day, a young and good looking boy move into her next door, became her neighbor. He helped her to fix her garage door and she invited him for dinner. After knowing he will be eating alone, she invited him to go to her house for meals everyday.

So, the boy can enter her house every time he wants to. But this beautiful single sexy Jlo will dress sexily in the house for no reasons even knowing her son is in puberty time and her neighbor can enter her house without the key.

So the boy was obsessed with Jlo. One night, they had sex and Jlo regretted about it and try to keep the distance with the boy. They boy gone crazy, he stalked, he threatened, he killed people.

Blah blah blah, in the end, jlo, the dumb son and the husband were trapped in the barn. The boy tried to kill the husband and the dumb son but Jlo fights with him and blah blah blah, Jlo and the family won.

Yeah, happy ending.

Fark this movie.