[ Movie Review ] Seventh Son

Seventh Son

So my friend, lapcheong invited me to Seventh Son premiere screening. I am not interested to watch the movie after the trailer. But since lapcheong has free tickets, so i go for the aircond and popcorn.

seventh son

Lapcheong and me cannot stop giggling silently while watching the movie. It is a comedy film in our humble opinion.

The story is kinda lame in the movie, i believe the book is much more interesting. There were so many loopholes in the movie and it just feels like the script and plot were very poorly planned.

Tell me:-

1- Why the best of the best assassin army fall like domino and die like potatoes? Maybe they were trained by a potato coach.

2- Where the four armed sword dude went in the end?

3- If the giant bear can just be burned with oil and fire, why the heck they need to release him out from the cage and did some monkey show before they burn the bear?

4- What is the point of the future vision Thomas always seen?

5- So the wand is just a giant matches

blah blah blah

After all, this movie is about a witch who was good before the spook hurt her feeling hence she became a very powderful wicth who has a team of powderful wicthes. There were giant bear, giant scorpion, bird, leopard, 4 armed sword dude, some wicked witches/ fantasy creatures and a team of assassin against one old spook, one ugly but loyal servant and one inexperienced apprentice who was the seventh son of a seventh son. Fight, fight, fight and then the mother of the seventh son was actually a white witch and she defended for the human but was killed by evil witch. The seventh son gained his power and confident because of his mother’s death and he went to fight with the evil witch and in the end he save his master and save the world. Yeah, happy ending. The end.