Money saving tips on ZALORA Malaysia!

I got most of my dresses from Zalora Malaysia. I usually like to login to Zalora to check for discounted clothes in the mid of month. Mid of month is low sales period for retailers and is the time they will offer more discount for us!

Zalora Malaysia

Here are some tips to shop in Zalaro Malaysia.

1. Get a shopback account! You can get cashback from what you spend on Zalora Malaysia.

Don’t know about shopback yet? It’s not too late to sign up and get a little cash back from what you spend.

Whenever you enter to shopback available shopping page, shopback plugin will notify you and you just have to click on the plugin to enable shopback. Super easy and convenient.

Shopback Malaysia
This is my payout from Shopback Malaysia. Ok la, still can get back some money after spent so much online.

2. Check on the brand’s offer.

Common brands will usually do mid year sales or offer more discount on not popular pieces. But there are some unknown brands that mark up their original prices to sky high and pretend to do sales.
Cheap Monday is always, ALWAYS having sales for their clothes online, you can check on gemfive and other platforms. The other brands are doing the cheap tactic to sell their clothes. Honestly, these pieces are not worth more than RM30-50, i would say. And by selling at the discount price, they still have 20-30% of profit margin. So these are not offers but marketing strategy to catch your attention.

Zalora Malaysia

3. Check the Outlet

Zalora Malaysia
Zalora outlet is like JPO, selling the off seasons clothes on discounted price. You can check on the familiar brands in outlet section.

Zalora Malaysia

Also, sometimes some kind souls will leave their review on review section. You can check on the review before making any decision.

Zalora Malaysia

4. Put something in your cart

Place something you like but not urgently need at the moment in your cart. Zalora might send you a discount code to make you spend. I received discount code emails from Zalora Malaysia few time after i placed something in my cart and never check out them.

Zalora Malaysia

I’ve been shopping in Zalora since 3 – 4 years ago, i notice the courier service, clothes quality and brands selection are dropping. 2 years ago, even if i placed my order at 5pm, i will received my order on the next working day, is literally next day delivery service. But the delivery now might takes up to 4-5 days to deliver. Ezra, Red modani, and few other brands with QUALITY are my favourite brands to browse in Zalora but sadly they are not available anymore. Zalora now is flooded with unknown sungai wang standard brands. I feel irritated when those low quality clothes keep appear on my search and i need to waste my time to filter them. Still, the customer service is superb in Zalora, most of the time, they respond and solve my problem quickly. Nevertheless, Zalora still is a good place to get good clothes in discount!

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