Luxola Malaysia Review

I came across to Luxola because I accidentally click on the ad sense when browsing some websites. I thought Luxola is similar to which requires credit card or paypal to make purchase and wait for few weeks to get the items. But you can make the purchase with your visa debit card and Luxola do ships parcel to Malaysia! Besides, you can enjoy free shipping if you purchase more than Rm40. This is the cheapest minimum purchase i ever encounter to get free shipping.

Luxola carries many brands, mostly western brands and haven’t make it in Asian market yet.

I was skeptical at first but i was convinced by the professionalism of the website. Clean and simple layout, easy browsing, clear description, good resolution images and professional payment system.

There are vegan and halal logo too if you are concern in this matter. This is the first time i saw beauty product website has halal or vegan label too.

I like to check reviews before making any purchase, Luxola has a review section to let you check on the review. Don’t worry, the review is genuinely written by buyers because Luxola offers rewards for the reviewer no matter the review is good or bad. * Updated @ 13/6/2014 – I would like to clarify > I found out that luxola didn’t actually publish all the good or bad product reviews. I did wrote my honest experiences with few of the products ( not those kind or praise words ) and luxola didn’t publish my reviews. You can google the review of the product you want to buy first, do not rely on the reviews written on luxola.

Choose your items, go to cart page, think twice before making payment.

I’ve have been checking out on the website even though I do not need anything. In the end…. I made my first purchase in Luxola.

Luxola Shopping Experience

Luxola Shopping Experience

I bought 1 lip balm which looks like a lip treatment for me and 1 bottle of rose-hip & hibiscus facial serum. Parcel arrived after 1 working day and was delivered from Singapore. Very fast shipping.

Both of the products work fine and relatively cheap. I am happy to test new products. Now, i am adding something i do not need to my cart again.

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