It’s the end of the year 2014

I’ve achieved nothing in this year. No car, no house, no cash.
More junks in my room, more clothes that i i wouldn’t wear, more fats on the body, more hair drops on the floor, more expired food that I’ve bought, more books for decorations and more damage on my car.

It’s not a sad year. I am grateful i found a new job and changed my career path. I am grateful i still have bunch of friends to hang out with. I am grateful i still have few more than 15 years friendship bff. I am grateful my car never brings me any problems. I am grateful that my family and i are healthy. I am grateful i am not in debt. I am grateful i can do what i want. I am grateful i have many reasons to laugh.

For the new year, i hope i can looks younger than my real age. I hope i can buy a service apartment in KL/PJ area. I hope i can hang out with my friends more. I hope i can buy a sharp blue ford fiesta. I hope i can find the way to generate money. I hope i can save up and not buying anymore useless things. I hope my hair can grow faster and thicker. I hope my parent stay healthy and happy. I hope my car stay strong for me. I want to adopt a big dog as i always want to get a giant dog and bring him out to Desa Park city to chase the other small dogs. I want to get a raise at work and will work hard for the raise. I want to get Google ad certificate. I want to learn about finance. I hope Malaysia will get better.

Please wish me luck. KTHXB