How to deal with unwanted calls.

How to deal with unwanted calls, like insurances calls, or other annoying calls that you wish to stop or say no to that person but you don’t have the heart to do so?

This is just an irrelevant picture

This is just an irrelevant picture

Insurance calls is my ultimate problems now, this is my way to ditch the annoying insurance calls. Always remember insurance agent is just doing their jobs, is their job to be aggressive so please don’t be mean to them. Just say not interested or do not want. But sometimes, some agents really gone too far, they will never stop even though you’ve rejected them nicely. Even though you told her that you had insurance covers already but they still persuade you to get a second insurance, those are real annoying. Instead of just ending the phone call, I will let her do the talking and put the phone next to radio. If he/she is Malay or Indian, I will turn on Chinese radio for him/her to enjoy some music or if he/she is Chinese, I will switch to Indian radio for him/her to feel the Bollywood. (ps: I did reject them politely before they do the long talking but they still never give up)

You’re welcome to let me know your way to ditch unwanted calls but if is rudely say no or just end the calls half way, you can keep it to yourself.

Sekian, KTHXB.