How to buy sensitive items from Taobao to Malaysia

What is sensitive items ?
[as i know] Prohibited and restricted items such as

  • Weapons, ammo, toys or fake weapons
  • Flammable and explosive items
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Drugs
  • Some media books and CD
  • Food
  • Liquid
  • Battery, cigarette, alcohol
  • Others
  • Top branded items: Gucci, Prada, LV and blah
  • Fake branded item
  • Item over certain sizes or heavier than certain weight [ Check with your forwarder ]
  • Item valued above certain amount [ Check with your forwarder ]

How to check if the item is considered sensitive goods.
1. Ask the seller
2. Click on direct purchase and if you cannot proceed further, then it is a sensitive goods.



How to buy?

1. If you are buying small electrical item, such as clock, watches, controller
First, tell the seller you are not local. Then ask him to remove the battery and do not send you the battery.

2. Find “agents”
If the taobao official parcel forwarder cannot ships the items. You can find the unofficial ones. Here is a list of few. Read the review, ask and only pay when you are clear for everything.

[ *** Use them at your own risk *** I do not responsible for your loss or whatsoever *** ]


3. Use freight carrier

How I buy sensitive goods?

I use agent. I have been using to buy sensitive goods. The sensitive goods i purchased were food, some books, tea and some small electrical stuff. The agent from is responsible and attentive, no issue dealing with them.

How long does it takes to arrive?

Cargo ship: 1-2 months
Air flight: 3-10 days

NOTE [ Things to ask to your agent ]

  1. How they handle customs detention.
  2. If the item is safe to purchase and any records of customs detention before.
  3. How much for handling fees and what’s included in the handling fees.
  4. Any other hidden charges? Agent fees, service fees, special item fees…
  5. How many times do you have to pay? [ Most of the time, you have to pay twice. First for the items and local shipping, second payment for the handling fees and international shipping]
  6. If the shipment ships directly to your address. [ Some of them requires you to pay 3 times. 1: Item + China local shipping | 2: Handling fees + international shipping | 3: Shipping to your address ]
  7. Check if the agent site is legit. Make sure you know where to make complaint if anything happens, the location of the warehouse, legit facebook page
  8. Copy paste the bank account number, contact number to search engine and check if it is on scam list.

—->>>>> Taobao English Live Chat

—->>>>> Taobao Purchase Enquire Form

—->>>>> Taobao Seller Form

—->>>>> Taobao After Sales Form

—->>>>> Taobao Parcel Forward Service Form

—->>>>> Taobao Malaysia Helpline/ Phone Number: +1800807178