Goodbye Dr Lecter.

Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham

Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham

Hannibal S2 finale, goodbye Dr Lecter. And i wonder will we see Will, Jack, Alana and Abigail again. All of them were lying in blood pool in the end, but Alana and Will had already called the police so early! I hope none of them die, at least, not like this.

It’s strange that i don’t feel sad for Will, Jack and others but i feel sad that Will betrayed Hannibal’s trust. I knew Will was in Jack’s side all the time but this is/might be the first time Hannibal start trusting to anyone.

Don’t worry, Hannibal will be back for sure! Read more info from Hannibal’s showrunner interview here!

I was surprised by the ending, i knew Hannibal could run away from Will easily after he figured out Will did not kill Freddie. I was surprised by his partner who sitting besides to him at the plane. I thought he will bring Abigail with him. So, was it all planned from the start?

Rest assured, S3 will be coming soon! Soon, we can see our elegant, charismatic, wicked Doctor Lecter!

Hannibal has been renewed for a Season 3, which will delight fans of the NBC Friday night show following its Season 2 finale on May 23. At the moment the network has not confirmed a specific date for the Season 3 premiere, but it is believed that it should have an air date in late 2014 or in the first half of 2015.

Meanwhile, you can watch this new/not so new drama about another clever psycho, Bates Motel while waiting the come back of Hannibal.

Beware, below is some screenshots from Hannibal. The beautiful but gore art pieces done by Dr Lecter.

Screenshots from Hannibal
Goodbye Dr Lecter

Goodbye Dr Lecter

See you soon! Dr Lecter!