DIRT CHEAP ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

So, it’s the pink time of the year again. This year, we are celebrating double Valentine’s day because Chinese Valentine’s day fall on the same date of Western Valentine’s day. Yes, there is Chinese Valentine’s day out there too, but I am not sure if there is any other blah Valentine’s day. I am here to rescue you from spending money on this overly commercialized day. Here is my little advice for you to celebrate Valentine’s day in super cheap ways.

Flowers? Chocolates?
Roses and chocolates are overrated, especially in this special day, the price of rose is like gold. Tell her, roses and chocolates are overrated in this day, you are a very special person, you are too classy to be matched with roses and chocolates. What you need to do is to take a picture of her and tell her, you are the most important person in my life, I wish I could get a star or the moon for you but I couldn’t, I am now taking a picture of you and keep that picture with me everywhere so I can be motivated to find more money to bring you to the moon.

Bears? Gift?
Handmade card is so lame, bear and other fluffy stuff? unless you are dating with Dora the explorer. Today, you don’t have to prepare any gift. Before she ask you for any present, you ask from her first! Tell her, in Japan, girl give guy gifts of handmade chocolate as well as other gifts.

Romantic Dinner
This is the most headache problems in Valentine’s day. Every restaurant, even the chain restaurant also will be crowded. The set meals will be very expensive because is the day for the restaurant to cut your throat and suck your blood. Buy her sandwich ingredients, tell her, today is the test day for you, I need to see if you can make my sandwich before you receive my.. ( just smile ) She will make you dinner.

The night is so long. What should you do after dinner? Do you want to do shopping in human sea? Do you want to watch lego movie with your gf with a bunch of teens? Do you want to watch bluray in the room? Those ideas are so so so so boring! You can bring her back to your office, then tell her, I want you to look at me when I am working, I need you to know that I suffer 5 working days to do stuff I am not interested, to face people that I hate because I need to earn money for our future. Then you can do plan your works ahead and in the same time chat with her. She will thinks you are a very romantic person.

The Night
Well, i am ran out of creativity for this one. Either you sleep in her room, or she sleep in your room or both of you spend the night in hotel or vehicle.

The end, Happy Valentine

P/s: I am not responsible for anything happened to you, either you get dumped, get married or get babies.