Chia Seed

I came across this gem in Without a second thoughts, I added this into my cart.

chia seed, chia,

chia seed

How I consume it.
– 2 teaspoons to my morning milk coffee.

My result after taking it for a week.
– lose weight? erm, no, maybe i am not in diet, i eat normal.
– no instant miracle on me
– improve digestion ✓
– feeling more energenic ✓
– brighter skin? not sure if is the effect of chia seeds because i am taking grape seed extract too.
– save money from buying breakfast.

How’s it taste.
– no taste in small amount.
– will become like gelatin/ jello after soaking in liquid for 20-30 mins.
– not delicious

This is one of the good buy from iherb.

by: Kamimi