So, same sex marriage is legal in US now.

I’ve seen wall of rainbow on my social networks. Many people cheers for the LGBT and I’ve seen people oppose it. I didn’t turn my profile picture into rainbow because i don’t need to do this to show support for LGBT. I am not opposing it and not a hardcore supporter either. I bet many of them does not even care about LGBT rights before US making the statements.

I do not understand why people are opposing it also. It’s fine if your religion don’t allow you to do that but i don’t remember there is any religions ask you to NOT respect others. The malicious comments on Facebook they posted is like they were laughing happily in someone’s funeral. People are worried about the new disease will break out and human population will drop. Human population is over growth anyway, you should be worrying for the clean water and foods. What kind of new disease will outbreak just because LGBT is allows to get married? Is not like they were not gay before the news.

So what if your children saw same sex couples kissing in the public? That will turns your kid to gay? I don’t think so. I bet your children will get married to someone who they LOVE. You need to educate your children with love. Or you think your children is monkey? Monkey see, Monkey do? Come on, monkey is even smarter than some smartasses who like to jump to the conclusion so quickly.

We are now in 21st century. We have sciences and technology to overcome many of the misfortunes that happened in the past. If white may marry with black, rich may marry with poor, tall may marry with short, why not gay marriage? And what about the moral? Have you ever thought of where do we get our morals from? There is a lot of theories and philosophy to read about. Why are you so afraid of gay marriage? If you are not born as gay or being attracted with the same sex, you will not be gay, you can still date with girls or boys and make some babies.

All from above is my personal opinion anyway, i am writing this not because i am gay. I am straight. I am not living in US, but this is not just US thing either. We all have the freedom of choice, to live happily or to die sorrowfully. Why must you makes the “different” suffer?


Lace is every girl fantasy

Lace has become one of the most popular material for formal and casual clothing now. I believe lace is one of the very few things than you can always rely on to look like a lady. I really like lace stuff, and have quite a few of lace dress.

But lace does not looks good on me because i am fat. So, i did some research and would like to share with you on how to wear lace in different ways.

Below are the few ways a women can wear the fabulous lace women fashion clothing in their own personal style and does not looks fat.





A top with a lace overlay can be worn alone. With a biker jacket or slim coat will make you seem more stylish.



Add some dimension by layering it with a denim jacket, ripped jeans or even a bit of leather will reduce the girly looks. + stylish, + tough and elegant look



Don’t go full lace mode. Too much lace is just too much lace. Some of the lace wears are too much like lingerie.

Lace can be casual, elegant, and modern. I think every girl needs a black lace dress in her wardrobe.

馬祖蓮娜: Not Every Girl Can Wear A Wedding Dress But Every Girl Can Own A Little Black Dress ~


2015 Feng Shui Post

So, i’ve attended Master Joey Yap feng shui seminar and learnt some basic feng shui knowledge from him. The seminar was fun and interesting, Joey Yap is indeed a very good presentor. Normally i will fall to sleep in seminars but i stayed awake in his feng shui seminar.

Here is what i learnt from the seminar.

This year is year of the wood goat.

In the year of wood goat, please do not renovate or activate the chi from these three directions.

SouthWest 202.6°- 217.5°
NorthEast 22.6°-37.5°
West 247.6°- 292.5°

By all means, you have to avoid renovating or do any ground breaking activities in these three areas in your house. You cannot move big furniture, break the wall or bricks or hang paintings in the areas mentioned.

If you want to test the consequences of releasing the bad chi from the areas, please do so, i would like to know too.

If you really want to break something or hang your new paintings, you can do so in these good directions.


I remember Joey Yap mentioned these areas are the good chi directions and will bring lucks for you. But i forgot what to be exactly so just break all the ground in these directions to ensure the good chi is in the house.

How to break the ground aka activate the good chi from good directions?

Master Joey Yap said you can put a pile of water in those areas for few days. Please put a big pile of water not just a small cup of water. Put a few drops of oils or soap to avoid activation of dengue, this is my advice.

The bazi of the year of wood goat was somehow related with the last year bazi, Master Joey Yap afraid this year will continue the problems we were facing in the last year. Transport problems etc.. But still won’t be worst.

Let’s hope or make this year a better year. Stay positive and help others. Do good things get good returns.

Why not just start with donating a portion of your angpao money to the organization that is needed help. For exp: MDDB, TNRM etc…

Thank you and have a good year ahead.

It’s the end of the year 2014

I’ve achieved nothing in this year. No car, no house, no cash.
More junks in my room, more clothes that i i wouldn’t wear, more fats on the body, more hair drops on the floor, more expired food that I’ve bought, more books for decorations and more damage on my car.

It’s not a sad year. I am grateful i found a new job and changed my career path. I am grateful i still have bunch of friends to hang out with. I am grateful i still have few more than 15 years friendship bff. I am grateful my car never brings me any problems. I am grateful that my family and i are healthy. I am grateful i am not in debt. I am grateful i can do what i want. I am grateful i have many reasons to laugh.

For the new year, i hope i can looks younger than my real age. I hope i can buy a service apartment in KL/PJ area. I hope i can hang out with my friends more. I hope i can buy a sharp blue ford fiesta. I hope i can find the way to generate money. I hope i can save up and not buying anymore useless things. I hope my hair can grow faster and thicker. I hope my parent stay healthy and happy. I hope my car stay strong for me. I want to adopt a big dog as i always want to get a giant dog and bring him out to Desa Park city to chase the other small dogs. I want to get a raise at work and will work hard for the raise. I want to get Google ad certificate. I want to learn about finance. I hope Malaysia will get better.

Please wish me luck. KTHXB

A few hours in a day in Google Malaysia

So i attended Google Partner talk in Google Malaysia. I snapped few pictures, i had some good bites and drinks for free and get to play in limited area of Google Malaysia office. I had a good time in Google Malaysia.

happy pig

Google Malaysia Office

Google Malaysia Office

Single human shot

Google Malaysia Andy

Google Malaysia Andy

Funky Andy paper board ( Andy is the name of Android Mascot, just in case if you don’t know )

Google Malaysia Office

Google Malaysia Office

More logoooooo

Google Malaysia Office

Google Malaysia Office

More logooooooo

Google Malaysia Office

Google Malaysia Office

They served this for free.


A cute gif for you because u clicked in to read a pointless post.

[Review after 4 months] Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

I have been using this facial cleansing brush for 4 months and changed the brush head for twice.

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

Here is my humble review. After using it for 4 months, I’ve decided to save up and buy a Clarisonic. Olay cleansing brush is a little harsh to use on my face after I’ve been using it continuously for a month. But this is still a very good choice if you need a cleansing brush. The price for the device itself and the brush head cheap.

This brush really did clean your face better than your bare hands. I’ve try to not use the brush for a week and my nightmare is back to haunt me. Visible blackheads and whiteheads are all over my nose.

I want to buy Clarisonic because i do feel that olay cleansing brush is stretching my skin and my pores is large enough i do not want my pores larger. Clarisonic in the other hand uses ultrasonic vibrations instead of rotations. But the price is a little stiff, not only the device but the brush head is relatively expensive too. I will still using Olay Regenerist until I get promotion to buy clarisonic.

Still, Olay cleansing brush is not a bad product.