Zalora Malaysia Review

At first, i was skeptical about this online fashion website. But i can’t stop browsing the beautiful dresses on the website, so i give it a try when Zalora offers 20% off for CNY sales. I bought 2 dresses from Ezra, one of the exclusive brands in Zalora. I am extremely satisfied of the dresses, the quality is above my expectation and the size is fit! These are my beautiful dresses which i bought from Zalora with 20% off!

Ezra Sleeveless Drop Waist Dress

Ezra Sleeveless Drop Waist Dress

Ezra Lace Tulip Dress

Ezra Lace Tulip Dress

Zalora Ezra

Zalora Ezra

There are only at the price of Rm75-Rm80, i will not buy any dresses more than Rm90 if i never try out the dresses. So with the price of Rm75-Rm80 and 20% discount, 1 dress equals to Rm60-Rm64. The quality is totally worth for the price! I choose to use shipping and if the order is more than Rm75, i can get free shipping! I tried COD once before, and the service is good, the talkaful guy came to my office and i pay him the amount and get the parcel, that’s it. Fast and efficient!

I’ve returned 1 colorblock pants before, but it’s a bit troublesome, i have to buy yellow paper to wrap the pants because Zalora forgot to send me the parcel wrapper. Send the parcel to poslaju and wait for few days to get back store credits. Of course, once you gave out money, it’s hard to get it back, Zalora will only give you back store credits so you will need to use it on them.

Of course, not every of my shopping experiences in Zalora is perfect. Not all the products i purchased is good quality. But i can always return it back to Zalora and choose another items. Which is why i like to shopping in Zalora, even when you go out to shopping, there are hardly a chance to get to exchange the products after purchased.
I think Zalora Malaysia is a good online shopping website, and always offers discount. Here is my little tips for you, add your wishlist item in the cart and leave it for few days, trust me, Zalora might send you some discount codes.

Or you can just use this code to get 15% off from your order.


no expiry dates, you can use it anytime but only for your first order.

I admit, i get benefit if you use my discount code because I’ve became Zalora brand ambassador. Please la, you tolong me, i tolong you. Please use the code.

Chia Seed

I came across this gem in Without a second thoughts, I added this into my cart.

chia seed, chia,

chia seed

How I consume it.
– 2 teaspoons to my morning milk coffee.

My result after taking it for a week.
– lose weight? erm, no, maybe i am not in diet, i eat normal.
– no instant miracle on me
– improve digestion ✓
– feeling more energenic ✓
– brighter skin? not sure if is the effect of chia seeds because i am taking grape seed extract too.
– save money from buying breakfast.

How’s it taste.
– no taste in small amount.
– will become like gelatin/ jello after soaking in liquid for 20-30 mins.
– not delicious

This is one of the good buy from iherb.

by: Kamimi