Birthday Celebration for friends

Ran out of ideas how to prank celebrate your friend’s birthday? Here, you can take my ideas to become the master party planner. My ideas are totally safe for all ages, no kinky stuff involved, suitable to use on girls.

The Birthday cake

Let’s assume your friend is having his/her 18’s birthday. You can go to market to buy 18 pieces egg tarts or any tarts, or any other food you think is suitable as a substitute for the tarts. Give the tarts one of those birthday cake’s boxes, decorate the box and present it to your friends. He/she have to eat all those tarts in order to get good luck for the rest of the year. I’ve done that to a friend of mine, I made a gathering in a Chinese restaurant, order 18 pieces of xiao long bao and watched her finish the xiao long bao. She was happy because no one done that to her before.

Ok, i admit, she whacked me on the next day. So, do it on your own risk.

The event

Let’s pretend normal and tell your friend that you are going to have a birthday party for her. Ask her to go to location A at 7pm for the party. Keep bluffing her how great the party will be, the person you invited and the food. Let her to have high expectation. At 6.30pm, you message her urgently, tell her your car’s tire was flat, you need help to change tire or any other reason to lure her to go to your place and make her thinks that the party will be cancel. Send the other guests to the final location where the party will be held. Sit and wait till she rush to your place, ask her to open car boot to get the tools. Inside the car boot, you can prepare some nitrogen balloons, the birthday presents or flower, so when the time she open the boot, the nitrogen balloons will rise to the high and surprise her with the wonderful set up.

Hide and Seek

Plan a puzzles game to store the birthday present. Ask her to go to the park or the place where you set up the game, give her some clues to solve the puzzles and sit back wait till she got her birthday present.

Ok, i ran out of creative ideas already, please provide me some.

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