Where you buy your supplements in Malaysia?

I came across to this website when I was searching a source to buy affordable l-glutamine.
I’ve been checking/comparing the price of supplements on markets, this website can get you affordable supplements in variety brands and hard to find supplements in Malaysia market.



Shipping fees is ok if you are buying more than 2-3 items. However, i would advise you to choose ‘DHL Express- International’, fast delivery and most important, you can always track your parcel. Just register your email address in dhl tracking system, you will be notified everyday. I’ve purchased twice from iherb.com and so far never encounter any issues with Malaysia customs, i guess I only purchase not more than 2 quantity for each supplements or maybe luck?

Anyway, if you are looking for a source to buy your supplements, i would recommend you – iherb.com
*Remember to choose a freebies before you proceed to check out 😛
*Feel free to use this gift code: SKL857

by: Kamimi

Chia Seed

I came across this gem in iherb.com. Without a second thoughts, I added this into my cart.

chia seed, chia, iherb.com

chia seed

How I consume it.
– 2 teaspoons to my morning milk coffee.

My result after taking it for a week.
– lose weight? erm, no, maybe i am not in diet, i eat normal.
– no instant miracle on me
– improve digestion ✓
– feeling more energenic ✓
– brighter skin? not sure if is the effect of chia seeds because i am taking grape seed extract too.
– save money from buying breakfast.

How’s it taste.
– no taste in small amount.
– will become like gelatin/ jello after soaking in liquid for 20-30 mins.
– not delicious

This is one of the good buy from iherb.

by: Kamimi

what time is it now

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what time is it now

komono, we_are_komono, watches, watch, dino, contest




Did these graphics to join we are komono + high snobiety’s watches giveaway contest. Ever since my g-shock spoiled, i have no watch, i need a watch. :c