[Beware!] 86Daigou.com Review

I have been craving for China spicy snacks ever since i came back from Beijing trip. Found this website- https://www.86daigou.com/, a taobao agent website which can helps to find and buy sensitive items and ship back to Malaysia.

The website itself looks professional and it is just like taobao.com. Without a second thought and deep research, i’ve placed order for the snacks and chilis i craving. Most of the taobao seller offers free local shipping so it is free to ship from china to 86daigou china warehouse. Once all the items arrived to the warehouse, there is another charges for international shipping which is fair. However, the international shipping charges from 68 daigou is ridiculous!

I received marketing email from 68 daigou before i make purchase and it said there is 50% discount for EMS international shipping. Everything looks promising and reasonable and i happily made purchase of many snacks from 68 daigou.


The local shipping is very fast, all the items arrived to 68 daigou within 2 days after 1st payment for the goods and local shipping. Then, there is the problem! The international shipping offers do not applied on the good i purchased and the shipping rate is based on 100g. 100gram!!! Plus a few handling fees.



Do not fool by list, not many of courier companies can ship sensitive items and even if they can, the charging is super expensive. They quoted for 1200 rmb for international shipping and handling fees for the snacks i bought. Which is ridiculous and i do not want to pay for it. The choices i left :

  1. Abandon the snack i bought
  2. Return the goods and get refund
  3. Ship to another agent
  4. Pay 1200rmb

I opt for refund and return of the goods, but they refused to return the goods and ask me to deal with the seller by myself. But hey, what’s the handling fees i paid for? Since they do not care about it and i have to contact the seller one by one. Not many of them agreed on refund and return because is not their fault and also CNY holidays is coming.

At the end, i found another taobao agent which only collect RM10 for sensitive items handling fees and very reasonable price for shipping to Malaysia. Still, this blood sucking 68 daigou request about 230rmb for local shipping and handling fees.

So, please avoid using 68 daigou or be extra careful with them. I am not the only one felt cheated, you can read other reviews at here and here.

TL,DR version.

68 daigou.com is not trustworthy. Avoid using it.

Last, Gong Xi Fatt Chai. Bye.