2015 Feng Shui Post

So, i’ve attended Master Joey Yap feng shui seminar and learnt some basic feng shui knowledge from him. The seminar was fun and interesting, Joey Yap is indeed a very good presentor. Normally i will fall to sleep in seminars but i stayed awake in his feng shui seminar.

Here is what i learnt from the seminar.

This year is year of the wood goat.

In the year of wood goat, please do not renovate or activate the chi from these three directions.

SouthWest 202.6°- 217.5°
NorthEast 22.6°-37.5°
West 247.6°- 292.5°

By all means, you have to avoid renovating or do any ground breaking activities in these three areas in your house. You cannot move big furniture, break the wall or bricks or hang paintings in the areas mentioned.

If you want to test the consequences of releasing the bad chi from the areas, please do so, i would like to know too.

If you really want to break something or hang your new paintings, you can do so in these good directions.


I remember Joey Yap mentioned these areas are the good chi directions and will bring lucks for you. But i forgot what to be exactly so just break all the ground in these directions to ensure the good chi is in the house.

How to break the ground aka activate the good chi from good directions?

Master Joey Yap said you can put a pile of water in those areas for few days. Please put a big pile of water not just a small cup of water. Put a few drops of oils or soap to avoid activation of dengue, this is my advice.

The bazi of the year of wood goat was somehow related with the last year bazi, Master Joey Yap afraid this year will continue the problems we were facing in the last year. Transport problems etc.. But still won’t be worst.

Let’s hope or make this year a better year. Stay positive and help others. Do good things get good returns.

Why not just start with donating a portion of your angpao money to the organization that is needed help. For exp: MDDB, TNRM etc…

Thank you and have a good year ahead.